Bharath Hariharan

We are all trapped between the beautiful blueprints of the most perfect systems and the World that contradicts itself, the World that is "large and contains multitudes" - Stefan Themerson, The Mystery of the Sardine

Note to prospective PhD students: Admissions at Cornell are done through a committee. If you are interested in working with me, please directly apply through the application website and mention my name

My interests are broadly in recognition in computer vision. I want to build systems that understand the visual world as well as people do. Currently, I am working on building systems that can learn about tens of thousands of visual concepts with very little or no supervision, produce rich and detailed outputs such as precise 3D shape, and reason about the world and communicate this reasoning to humans.

Before joining Cornell, I was a postdoc working with Ross Girshick, Piotr Dollár, Larry Zitnick, Laurens van der Maaten and other amazing people at Facebook AI Research. I did my PhD at beautiful Berkeley with Jitendra Malik. My CV is here.

Assistant Professor
311 Gates Hall
Cornell University


PhD students


  • Self-training For Few-shot Transfer Across Extreme Task Differences
    Cheng Perng Phoo, Bharath Hariharan
    In ICLR, 2021 (Oral)
    pdf    bibtex
  • Wasserstein Distances for Stereo Depth Estimation
    Divyansh Garg, Yan Wang, Bharath Hariharan, Mark Campbell, Kilian Q Weinberger, Wei-Lun Chao
    In NeurIPS, 2020 (Oral)
    pdf    project page    bibtex

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